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History of Hand Made Papers:
Indian handmade paper is unique and ECO-FRIENDLY. Whereas the handmade paper produced in other parts of the world uses mainly fresh cotton lintel, Indian handmade paper is produced from cotton rag waste from the cotton garment/ undergarment industry. More importantly, no toxic chemicals are used in the handmade paper making process. In producing writing paper a small quantity of rosin soap and or alum are added to the pulp to make the writing paper blot free. The pulp is flushed with water to ensure that no traces of chemicals are left. During the pulp making colors and other waste materials like straw, grass, hemp, silk waste, flower petals etc., are added to lend a unique and beautiful artistic texture to the handmade paper.
One ton of traditional Indian handmade paper, produced from cotton rag waste, saves an estimated 277 Eucalyptus or 462 bamboo trees that would be required to make the same quantity of conventional mill made paper. Surprising, but it is true.
This is the short history of environment friendly Indian handmade paper. So, next time you buy or use paper or stationery products think of Indian handmade paper. By using this paper or its products you will contribute to a healthier tomorrow.
Why Use Handmade Paper?:
Handmade paper has the advantage of being 100% wood free which makes it the most eco-friendly form of paper around. It is also 100% recycled. Handmade paper is excellent for writing as well as printing. It has greater tensile, bursting, tearing and double-fold strength compared to conventional paper. Apart from all this it looks great, handmade paper is fashionable, its upmarket, its classy! Our papers can be decorated with flower petals, jute, wool, grass, straw etc. Handmade paper seems to be the perfect thing to have come around in terms of envionment friendliness. There are no chemicals used in the manufacture of our handmade paper.The paper is solar dried, so no energy wastage. No trees are cut to make such paper, the pulp used to make the paper is derived from Cotton Fabric Rags, this makes it 100% eco-friendly and 100% natural. So handmade paper cuts down on pollution, its saves trees (and wildlife) thus contributing to a much healthier environment.
FACT: One tonne of mill made paper cost the earth 270 trees or 400 bamboo plants.
If its so perfect, why is'nt everyone using it?:
Handmade paper does turn out to be a little more expensive compared to mill made paper because its not mass produced by machines like conventional paper. There is a greater cost involved in the long run when using mill made paper - somebody has to pay for all those trees being cut down and the damage being done to the environment. Our Forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate - trees are being felled by the millions to satisfy our need for wood and paper.
Global rates of destruction of forests:
2.4 Acres every second - equivalent to 2 football fields.
149 Acres per minute.
2,14,000 acres per day, an area larger than New York City.
78 Million acres per year, an area larger than Poland.
An estimated 137 species of life forms are driven to extinction each day or 50,000 a year.
Handmade paper is a solution to solve all our environment related problems - Its paper that does'nt utlize wood for its manufucture - is free from all chemicals, and is dried using the most eco-friendly means of energy - solar energy The pulp used to create handmade paper is made from cotton fabric rags - the creation of the paper involves recycling of cloth and apart from this the paper itself is recyclable.